Friday, October 7, 2016

7D6N Perth 2016 with kids in early spring

A quick notes on our gateaway as family without my mum's help as she needs to visit my grandparents.

1. Air ticket from Scoot @ SGD345 for 4.5hr flight per pax. We added the travel insurance from ACE @$116 for our family.  Total SGD1497.44

2. Apply Visa thru hardwarezone pal @ SGD21.02 in total ($7 per pax with free 1 pax as I am hardwarezone member).

3. Book a car (swopped to Mitsubushi ASX as our chosen Toyota Corolla was out of "stock") from Avis for our self-drive trip.  Estimated cost was AUD 530.97. Bad experience this time as they were short of manpower with only 1 man manning the counter and the renting area. I was unable to locate the seat belt for the middle back seat.

4. Check the weather and ensure the kids are kept warm. I decided to buy a down jacket from Uniqlo for the gals as the temperature can be as low as 9 degree in the evening. Wise choice as the weather was abnormally cold during our stay, ranged from 15 to 9 degree with strong wind.

5. Pack milk powder in disposable one-time usage tube.

6. Book Airbnb for local experience.

7. Change money in Arcade @1.035 (1SGD = 0.966AUD)

Adventure started:
Day1: 26 Sep Sun @6pm
Lodge: 8 Camp Court Perth, WA6149@SGD64 for 1N
Drove: 11km
What to do: Collect Car @ airport. Bad experience as described above. Left the airport only by 730pm. Reached the place ard 830pm. Too late for any grocery or restaurant. Angry hubby. Sleepy kids. Luckily, Malaysians in the apartment shared their cook food with us. The landlord was not aware that I indicated 2 adults & 2 kids so we only have a king-sized bed. But, he was ok to give us 1 more room free of charge. However, hubby decided to sleep with us.

Day 2: 27 Sep - 30 Sep
Lodge: 16 Illawarra Ave @SGD719  for 4D3N
Drove: 370km
What to do:
1. Perth Zoo @ AUD22 per adult + AUD14 for 1 kid @ 4yrs old


penguin is called little penguin!

Historic Carousel

Family pix with a grumpy mei mei

2. Headed to AVIS in town as wifi unit is not charging thru USB cable. 
The charging socket was loose and we almost lost our way as the device ran out of battery by mid day. The outlet in the Perth city has no extra charging cable and advised us to obtain an exchange from airport counter (~30min drive!). Luckily, I have a cable with the same socket. Problem solved. 

3. Grocery @ Cole @AUD98

4. Headed to Margaret River. It was a 3.5-hr drive.

Day 3: 28 Sep
1. Morning: Walked ard the beautiful house. Playground hopping.

The lovely house with animals at our backyard -kangaroos can be spotted.

The gals loved to feed the horses.

2. Sunflowers Farm
Get close with baby kangaroos, sheeps, rabbits etc

3. Mammoth Cave @ AUD22.5 per adult + AUD14 for 1 kid @ 4yrs old @total AUD57

4. Grocery @ Cole @AUD60
5. Rotary Park

6. Morris Anywhere for 4 mains @AUD105

Day 4: 29 Sep
What to do:

Start with the backyard again to admire the lovely foral & fauna.

1. Millers ice cream & bush walk

2. Voyager Estate for wine tasting with custom wine flight discount at $20. Total bill for 2 bottles of ShZ Rose was @AUD48+14 for Estate Plate
3. The berry farm for jam

Day 5: 30 Sep - 2 Oct
Lodge: 79 South Street Studio Flat, Beaconsfeld, WA 6162 @SGD209 for 3D2N
Drove: 190km
What to do:   
1. Drive back to stay near Perth
Last look at our cosy stay. 

Best moment when both fell asleep again.

Smile with King Protea

2. Bunbury Lighthouse which is boring. We climbed up to the Look Out Tower. Let me park my freshly caught Pikachu here. lol

3. Nicola's Restaurant for 4 mains with complete set meal for kids come with drink & ice cream at AUD$14 each! Best deal @total AUD120

4. Scenic drive along Dawesville

5. Grocery @ Cole @AUD60

Day 6: 1 Oct

The cat belonged to the studio flat's owner. The kids love pet!

1. Travel to Fremantle for Kangaskhan

2. Baby farm on Saturday near Fremantle Market. The Fremantle Market was not as impressive as the other described as it looked like a mini Bangkok's night market with higher price & lesser product varieties. The only interesting item is the chopping board as shown below.

3. Skipped the fish & chip as it was very normal as we tried last visit. We tried the famous steak @ Char Char Bull which opened at 12noon. It was overpriced at $55 for 500g rib eye. Total bill for 3 mains @AUD117. We still preferred the steak in Nicola's restaurant @$39.

4. Kmart/Target

Day 7:  2 Oct ~ Home Sweet Home
More local shopping for cheap kids' garment. Indoor free playground, just like what we have back in Singapore.

Bid good bye to Perth~

It was a successful trip as we survived without grandma. We all returned in one piece, though the gals vomited on plane.

Total cost for 2 adults & 2 toddlers excluding airfare: $3242 with breakdown below
  • Accommodation: S$992
  • Food (approx S$150 per day) cum admission cum shopping: S$1700
  • Transport: S$550
Per pax is roughly S$1200.