Sunday, June 27, 2010

Smoking (^ ^)

Hihi, here are something I learnt this week (^^).

I was inspired by "Sensitive light" and decided to capture some smoke. Here are my creations :)
For my simplified setting, please see below. Any comments are welcome.

To see more, you may like to visit my multiply :)

Equipment list:
1) Flash (borrowed)
      Name: Canon SpeedLite 580EX
      Setting: M with power=1/2 (Tips from
      Purpose: To freeze the smoke and act as a secondary light source at the right

2) Table Lamp
     Purpose: For illumination on the smoke at the left

3) Flash remote trigger
      Name: BlaZZeo MegTrig RF Speedlites Trigger: Receiver and Transmitter
      Setting: set to same channel for receiver and transmitter
      Purpose: To trigger the flash since the location of the flash will not be where the camera is pointing

4) Wide angle lens
      Name: Canon EF 17-35mm F/2.8 USM

5) DSLR Camera (borrowed)
      Name: Canon 7D
      Purpose: Instead of 10D, I used 7D due to its lower noise level. Smoke image needs to be noise free to stay “clean”!
      Setting: F20 (for deeper DOF and prevent overexposured image), 1/160(cos the wireless system does not work fast enough)

6) Pure Black background
         Name: My dress (LOL)

7) Supports
         Name: cans
Purpose: To make sure the flash is similar level as the smoke

8) Black covers
       Purpose: To ensure the flash to directionally shine onto the smoke only instead of illuminating up the surrounding

Have fun :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Reversible Pouch made from Japanese silk

I luv to shop in Daiso. Yesterday, I found that they were selling Japanese silk. The fabric is so sweet and simply adorable. I bought two pieces and made a pouch out of it. Here are the guide and finished product from me :) Enjoy :)
Step 1. White cloth for the draft

Step 2. Cut 4 pieces for front back and support fabric

Step 3. Arrange the layers in this order

Step 4a. After sewing, flip it over

Step 4b. After sewing, flip it over
Step 5. Ensure white cloth is in the middle for stronger support

Step 6. Bottom in the form of "button": One in green and one in Pink

Step 7. Sew the bottom with thick thread
Step 8. Before adding in the pull string, rings are added.

Step 9. Add in pull string and a finishing node

Step 10. FINSIHED :) with checked fabric facing inside

Step 11. Finished with checked fabric facing outing-pull tight

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Felt Product - multi-layer pouch for currency storage

It is small pounch for me to keep currencies.
Before I made it, I have many many small purses and pouches. It is tedious to open them up and check which currency I keep in there. Partially, it is also due to my poor short-termed memory :P.

Now, I have a multi-layer pouch to keep notes and coins. The materials are bought from Daiso, except the layering material and blue ribbon that are cut from shopping bags.


 @Open up@ Secured with Velco

Sunday, June 6, 2010


当人成长的过程中,面罩。 其目的不一定是坏的。善意的谎言是可以原谅。但往往谎言定义的听者不一定与说者有相同的共识。这是谁的错?
听者的角度而言, 说者是错的。在某些情况下, 他是丑陋的伪君子。尤其当他用它来结束一感情。也许这是个误会,也许这是那女的心有不甘。但以天时地利人言,时间的证明,他是不折不扣的伪君子。 

谢他离开! 因为从长远规划, 已经没有他可以利用的价值,所以她自由了。可以去寻找真正的感情。