Thursday, June 17, 2010

Reversible Pouch made from Japanese silk

I luv to shop in Daiso. Yesterday, I found that they were selling Japanese silk. The fabric is so sweet and simply adorable. I bought two pieces and made a pouch out of it. Here are the guide and finished product from me :) Enjoy :)
Step 1. White cloth for the draft

Step 2. Cut 4 pieces for front back and support fabric

Step 3. Arrange the layers in this order

Step 4a. After sewing, flip it over

Step 4b. After sewing, flip it over
Step 5. Ensure white cloth is in the middle for stronger support

Step 6. Bottom in the form of "button": One in green and one in Pink

Step 7. Sew the bottom with thick thread
Step 8. Before adding in the pull string, rings are added.

Step 9. Add in pull string and a finishing node

Step 10. FINSIHED :) with checked fabric facing inside

Step 11. Finished with checked fabric facing outing-pull tight

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