Sunday, June 27, 2010

Smoking (^ ^)

Hihi, here are something I learnt this week (^^).

I was inspired by "Sensitive light" and decided to capture some smoke. Here are my creations :)
For my simplified setting, please see below. Any comments are welcome.

To see more, you may like to visit my multiply :)

Equipment list:
1) Flash (borrowed)
      Name: Canon SpeedLite 580EX
      Setting: M with power=1/2 (Tips from
      Purpose: To freeze the smoke and act as a secondary light source at the right

2) Table Lamp
     Purpose: For illumination on the smoke at the left

3) Flash remote trigger
      Name: BlaZZeo MegTrig RF Speedlites Trigger: Receiver and Transmitter
      Setting: set to same channel for receiver and transmitter
      Purpose: To trigger the flash since the location of the flash will not be where the camera is pointing

4) Wide angle lens
      Name: Canon EF 17-35mm F/2.8 USM

5) DSLR Camera (borrowed)
      Name: Canon 7D
      Purpose: Instead of 10D, I used 7D due to its lower noise level. Smoke image needs to be noise free to stay “clean”!
      Setting: F20 (for deeper DOF and prevent overexposured image), 1/160(cos the wireless system does not work fast enough)

6) Pure Black background
         Name: My dress (LOL)

7) Supports
         Name: cans
Purpose: To make sure the flash is similar level as the smoke

8) Black covers
       Purpose: To ensure the flash to directionally shine onto the smoke only instead of illuminating up the surrounding

Have fun :)

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