Thursday, March 5, 2009



Scars Of Love
歌:Cyua 詞:mpi 曲:澤野弘之

Close my eyes for real
Smile for all the people's shade
All brown leaves fly away into the wind
Die of mystery, secret tragedy
But I'm watching from the hill
This suddenly thing

I bring some Rosemary
Peaceful time was symphony
Even you were always shy to laugh
It's seemed like a quiet life
I feel like an empty glass
All I know is for sure
You won't be coming back

※My scars of love
What you'd done for me
All these memories of you
It's hard for me, somewhere you had gone
I belong to you※

Remember all your lies
Remember all your sympathy
Many clouds in front of me
Tough to face my life
I have to walk this street again
This is almost mentally crime on me


So many days, always to hide away
That is dead end in the vast
I'm stuck on deep labyrinth with you
Don't call my name anymore
hold my hand so long
Creature in my mind and
It never lets me go from you

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