Saturday, December 11, 2010

DIY Terrarium

- pretty & clear container as the greenhouse (e.g. a glass bottle, clear plastic container for cookie)
- Pebbles & charcoal for drainage
- Garden soil for the plant to grow on
- ornament to decorate the terrarium according to one's liking


Step 1: Determine the size of your terrarium and purchase the container
I got the glass container (1 litre approx) from IKEA. SGD$3 each
Step 2: Determine the suitable indoor plants
I chose Fittonia (SGD$3.9), Cactus(SGD$2.9) and Cuphea(SGD$1.9).
Step 3: Choose ur pebbles and sand

The arrangement inside the container can be found here:
These are my finished products.


HC Lim said...

I have seen the real one in your office recently, a very cute and pretty plant. I am just wondering how large it could grow before it could break the glass container ? We can't under estimate the power of nature. Can't we ? Ha Ha ...

Kanni 康妮 said...

ya agreed. Wish the plants can life long enough to shift to the new office together with me. :P